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Switch it up!

Hey Divas! It’s Transform Thursday here at GSD and I want to give you ideas on how you can transform your regular workout routine so that you can keep it exciting. Switching up your routine also helps if you have plateaued and aren’t seeing anymore progress. Below are several options that you can do to switch it up.


IMG_7342-0.PNGIf you like to dance, you will definitely love Zumba. I know I do! I used to go faithfully but I realized that I needed to switch it up because my body had gotten used to it. Some people don’t think that Zumba is a real workout but in an hour’s class with the right teacher, you can burn up to 500 calories and you are definitely going to sweat.




Stretching is good for body and yoga will get that accomplished. Yoga will help with your posture, flexibility, balance and strength. It also helps with relaxation.

Workout DVDs


Invest in some workout dvd’s and instead of going to the gym everyday, add in a day where you can workout at home. My favorite workout DVD is Hip Hop Abs. Shaun T kicks my butt every time but I love it! It’s a great workout.

Exercise equipment

While at the gym, make use of all of the equipment at gym. Instead of just running on the treadmill every time, try out the Leg Press. To work your arms and back try the Cable Row machine or the Bicep Curl Machine. Make sure you ask someone or read up on the proper use of each machine but get some use out of them so that you can focus on different parts of the body each time.

IMG_7348-0.PNGFind out if you have any marathons going on around your town and train for it. I did a 5K run for the first time and loved it. I plan on doing more and maybe one day I can complete a full marathon. ONE DAY!

Run/walk at different locations

If you walk or run at the same park or on the same street, try going somewhere different to give your legs a different course and give you some new scenery.


Some other quick things to try are bicycling, jump roping, weight lifting, fitness classes like spin and/or sports like tennis. Add some of these to your regular routine to spice it up and transform it from boring to exciting! Trying new things has helped me enjoy this journey. Let’s have fun while working out divas and let’s get GLAMfit! What do you guys do to switch up your routine?

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