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Dress Up That Fireplace!

Greetings Divas! Ever wondered what to do with your fireplace during the warmer months ?! Well you’ve come to the right spot! Below are several examples of what you can do to make your fireplace look less like a fireplace for the Spring and/or Summer.

  • Show off a collection of vases.


Use curvy and opaque ceramic and glass to  pick up the colors of the room.

  • Insert a Mirror.


This sleek trick brings extra light into the room and makes any of its reflectives appear as art.

  • Add a little a green.


 There’s an special quality to this placement of greenery, feeling the fireplace gives a serene greenhouse effect. 

So there you go, a few ways to replace the wood in your fireplace. Give one of these options a try for a spin on the norm and be sure to use the hashtag #glamstyledow to be featured on our Instagram page. 

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