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Dollar Store Decor

Hi Divas! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Today’s Frugal Friday post is all about dollar store decor. With the right set of crafty eyes, there are tons of projects that can be done using products from the dollar store. Below are three really simple and cheap DIY decor projects to do over the weekend that will not take a lot of time or empty your pockets.

Craft Box Lamp

Using this link, you’ll learn how to make your very own lamp.

Marbled Coffee Table
Learn how to refurbish an antique coffee table here.

Modern Picture Frames
Click here to see how to make your $1 picture frames look like they cost much more.

*all images courtesy of Pinterest

Do you have any dollar store decor tricks that you’d like to share? Comment below or tag us using the hashtag #glamstyledow to be featured on our Instagram page!

Have a great weekend!