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Halloween Candy Display

Happy Halloween Divas ?!

I hope those of you with kids or even those without have a wonderful day of trick or treating today. But question, what are you going to do with all of that candy once you’re done? 

I’ve  come up with the perfect solution for my home. All week we’ve been visiting various Trunk or Treat festivities in our area and just as you would imagine, she has already collected tons of candy.

Take a look at my dining room table here, it is covered with all of the treats that she’s gotten this week. 

However, with these three items, I’ve managed to transform my table from a sugary mess to Fall decor success!

Now, isn’t that better?

How do you store Halloween candy after Halloween? Leave comments below or tag us on Instagram! 

Please be very careful out there today. As much as we wish for all treats on this day, there are many out there that only wish to give tricks. 

Have a very Happy Halloween and STAY GLAM!