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DIY Watercolor Mugs

Hello there Divas!  Don’t you just love it when things come together on its own? I have made several attempts at painting mugs recently and have failed. And when I say I’ve been failing, I mean it. But just as I was about to give up, a really good friend of GSD tagged me in a post on Facebook for marbled watercolor mugs.  I am not sure of the actual link for the video, but it was probably one of those Buzzfeed videos that pops up on our timelines every now and then. So, I watched the video and it seemed easy enough…and guess what? It was! Below is the pictorial for this super easy DIY that will take ordinary mugs to another level!


Nail polish (color of your choice), plain white mug, tooth pics, warm water in a disposable container and a few paper towels

STEP 1: Add a few drops of nail polish to the warm water. Hold the nail polish as close to the water as possible, this will  keep the polish from sinking to the bottom of the container.


STEP 2: Swirl the polish with one of the tooth picks.


STEP 3: Quickly dip the mug into the water/polish combo.


And you’re done!


Easy enough, right?! This can be done with any color nail polish, just try to avoid the quick drying ones. Also, because nail polish was used, the mug is no longer microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Please hand wash only. Also, although I took the color up to the rim, try not to do so due to the toxicity of the polish.

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