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5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

Hi Divas! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today’s post is all about maximizing space in a small bedroom. For rooms like the bedroom, where the most important piece of furniture is the bed, it is not always the easiest obstacle to work around.  Which results in wasted space. Well today, I am going to give you five ways to avoid that wasted space feeling!

  1. Reduce the size of your bed. Now I don’t expect you to go down to a twin sized bed, I do want you to choose a bed that is proportionate to the size of your bedroom.
  2. Remove large storage furniture. Okay, I get it, you are excited about the brand new 7 piece furniture set that you purchased for your bedroom BEFORE you actually took a look at the room. Well, unfortunately, you can’t use the entire set. Use only the essentials and find uses for the additional pieces in other rooms.
  3. Organize your closets. The more organized your closet is, the more space you will have in your bedroom. See this previous post to get tips on closet organization.
  4. Maximize wall storage. Use shelves to help draw the eye up and to keep things off the of the floor. Also using mirrors help create the illusion of a bigger space.
  5. Remove entertainment from the floor. If you have your television system in your bedroom, remove the television stand and mount it on the wall.  You can always use a shelf to hold your cable box and/or dvd/blue ray player.



There you have it! My top five ways to maximize space in a small bedroom. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below.

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Until next time, STAY GLAM!