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7 Decor Tips to Transform a Room

Well hello there Divas!  I hope you all are having a fantabulous week thus far! Now sometimes the key to giving your home a much needed update doesn’t involve a major overhaul and a costly renovation. In fact, a few new pillows, reorganization, and creative DIY centerpieces are oftentimes all you need to give your space a newly decorated look. But we all should know that….right? If not, hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll be on board and have all of the basics for room transformations.

  1. Decorate your walls!  Bare walls are a no no! Try assembling a bare wall with black and white photos of your loved ones. Not only is it sentimental, but classy as well.
  2. Create ambiance with candles! Next to diamonds, candles are girl’s best friend! Candles create a serene environment, are very easy on the eye and smell great!
  3. Add artwork to unusual places! Place artwork in your bathroom, in the kitchen or even above doors.
  4. Use trays! Organize items like TV remotes and other knickknacks on a pretty tray placed on a coffee table or a side table.
  5. Change up your lighting! Experiment with different style and color light bulbs and for an unexpected change, paint your lamp shades to reflect color in the room.
  6. Decorate with fruit! Get some wicker baskets or nice bowls and fill them with apples, pears, lemons, or limes to create an easy, elegant centerpiece.
  7. Add flower power! Don’t underestimate the power of flowers. Perk up any room with a bouquet of flowers rather real or not.

There you have it! I’d love to hear from you about your favorite DIY decorating tips and tricks in the comments section below!  Don’t forget to check out posts from our GLAMfit and GLAMdecor Divas before you go!

Until next time, STAY GLAM!