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Do’s and Don’ts in Styling Sectional Sofas

Happy Saturday Divas!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. For today’s Simple Saturday post we are going to discuss sectional seating. I purchased a sectional sofa a few years ago thinking it was a stylish way to provide lots of seating. I was right, but there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that I had to learn along the way and thought that I would share them with you!

Don’t stack tons and tons of pillows on the sectional sofa. It could make the sofa look  sloppy and unattractive.

Do add symmetry by placing pillows left, right, and center.

Don’t place the coffee table or ottoman too far away from the sectional

Do make sure the scale the coffee table is proportional to the size of the sectional.

Don’t use a rug that is too small.

Do make sure the rug under the sofa should be large enough to cover all of the furniture in the group.

Have any tips on styling a sectional that you’d like to share? Add them in the comments below. Remember to check out posts from our GLAMfit and GLAMfash Divas before you go!

Until next time, STAY GLAM!