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5 Thrift Store Tips You Should Know

Hi Divasssss!!

Did you miss me?! Lol, I most certainly missed you all! Well, today is Friday and time to talk about how to to make your home look great all while saving you money.  So for today’s post, we we will be discussing thrift shopping. Thrifting has become very popular in the fashion world but it is starting to make it’s rise in home decor as well. Over the last couple of years, I have a learned a few useful tricks and hopefully after reading this post, you will too!

Location, location, location! The best items can be found in thrift stores close to more prominent neighborhoods. I mean, just think about it, if you are looking for more high end or newer items, you’re more likely to find them where people tend to spend a lot more money for there things. 

Go frequently! Thrift stores are very hit and miss. Just because a store is lacking one day, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad store. It all depends on when donations are received, which leads to my next point.

Go early in the week! People tend to deep clean over the weekend and drop stuff off to the thrift stores in the beginning of the week. Another great tip is to shop during the change of seasons.

Keep an open mind! You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” I love to keep this saying in mind when I thrift. I always think about how items can be repurposed or upcycled. 

Learn sale days! Most thrift shops have a color coded discounting system. Talk to sales associates or look for charts inside the stores that advise on sale tags. 

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