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DIY Drag Art Painting

Hi Divas! I hope all is well. For today’s Transform Thursday post, I’d like to share a really neat DIY that I did a few days ago.  It’s another wall art, and as with all of my DIYs, it’s super easy to make.  It’s a simple abstract that can be done in just about two steps, see how below!

What I used:

Stretched Canvas (size of your choice), Acrylic paint (various coordinating colors), and a paint stirrer


Place blobs of paint in the order of your choice vertically down the side of the canvas.


Using the edge of the paint stirrer,  slide the stirrer across the canvas in a wave-like motion.

STEP 3 (if needed):

If needed, place the paint blobs midway to be sure to cover the entire canvas.


Continue to run the stirrer across the canvas until the paint is smooth and you’ve reached your desired pattern.

I actually made two of these and added a little glitter to add some pizazz, see my end results below.

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Until next time, STAY GLAM!