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Home is Where “Fitness” Is [POLL INSIDE]

Friday has finally come! Yes! Are you all as excited about it as I am? Hopefully I can have a relaxing weekend. Anywho, let’s save some money. In today’s Frugal Friday post I want to give several reasons why working out at home versus at a gym can be a good idea.

  1. It’s cheaper. FREE actually!
  2. It’s convenient. I mean, you’re at home.
  3. Saves time. You do not have to make any pit stops.
  4. More comfortable. It’s your own space and nobody’s watching.
  5. Workout on your schedule. You choose what time you want to workout.
  6. No waiting. No wasting time  waiting to use equipment.
  7. Avoid germs. So much sweat and some people don’t wipe down equipment. Yuck!
  8. No excuses. Everything you will need is at your fingertips.
  9. Avoid “gym people”. Some people are just annoying *shrug* lol.
  10. No distractions. Sometimes it’s just a lot going on at the gym.

Which do you prefer? See poll below.

Even though I do personal training at a gym, I prefer to work out at home. But I also love to interact with people so I don’t mind the gym either. It’s all about personal preference. But if you are trying to get fit on a budget, at home workouts is where it’s at. Many benefits to it! If you’re interested in gym workouts, I’ll be back Monday with the benefits to training at the gym.

Have an awesome day Divas and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!