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Rework It on a Budget

Happy Friday Divas!

It’s Frugal Friday here at GSD and I want to talk about ways to switch up your regular wardrobe without spending any money at all. Let’s hop on into it because I am ready to start the weekend, LOL! I am going to Vegas today to celebrate our GLAMFit Diva Myeshia’s birthday and I am so excited! Ok, now to the tips…

  • Get out of your old habits. Remix those ‘go-to’ outfits that you always wear. Find different ways to wear the same items again.
  • Wear the things that you never wear. Take those items that just sit in your closet and create looks around them so that they can get some wear too! And, it’s kind of like you have on a new outfit.
  • Work those shoes. We all have those super cute shoes that we buy that we don’t really wear often for whatever reason. Break out those shoes and work it, girl!
  • Wear certain articles of clothing outside of their intended use. For instance, wear a midi skirt as a tube dress. Wear your neck scarf around your hair. Doing things like this expands your wardrobe. Be creative!

I hope that these four tips help to rework some outfits that you already have without spending a dime. I hope that you all have a great weekend! Check out some GLAMFit and GLAMDecor posts before you go.

As always, STAY GLAM!