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Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Hey Divas! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. Today I want to give a few easy tips to losing weight. Majority of people that I’ve talked to want to lose weight but do not necessarily want to do all the work required to lose the weight. Well I have some suggestions for you. You still have to put forth a little effort but nothing too hard. Check out my tips below.

  1. Don’t “exercise”.
    • The word exercise scares some people. Instead of exercising do other things that burn calories like taking your kids out to the park, cleaning your home, riding your bike…etc. Do things that are not technically “exercise” but they work you out.
  2. Take a walk.
    • This can also go with the first tip. But walking really does help in weight loss. It’s also very relaxing. You can go walking and before you know it you’ve done a mile already.
  3. Enjoy your favs.
    • I tell everybody that there has to be something that you like that is healthy. You have to have a favorite fruit or a favorite vegetable. If you do, snack on these. Incorporate these into your daily meals. Every little bit counts.
  4. Size does matter.
    • Instead of filling your plate, start small. You may surprise yourself and not need seconds. Sometimes we eat everything on our plate because it’s there. Not necessarily because we are hungry.

Now these things are very small but small steps add up to big final results. Everybody has to start somewhere. And trust me if you start dropping pounds from just these things you may be motivated to pump it up a little more each time.

I hope you all have an awesome Saturday and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!