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4 Ways to Add the Wow Factor to Your Décor

Happy Friday Eve Divas! Are you as ready for the weekend as I am? Whew, it has truly been a week, especially since I’ve been battling the same migraine all week. Oh but anyhoo, it’s Thursday and it’s all about transforming, so in today’s post we’ll be looking into different ways to add that wow factor to your home décor.

  1. HALLWAY DECOR-Hallways are often abandoned for some reason. A great way to add a little oomph to your décor is to let your décor continue into the hall.  Use your hallway to create a gallery wall, add a bench or table, or you can even add art.  In my latest YouTube video, you’ll see that I used art to decorate my hallway.
  2. THINK HIGH-Ceilings make great accent walls too. If you are able to, paint your ceiling a different color to accentuate your décor. Hang a chandelier or place a plant in a hanging planter to create a wow factor.
  3. BATHROOM MIRROR-Another great way to add a wow factor is by upgrading your bathroom mirror. Go beyond the norm by replacing your standard bathroom mirror with a mirror that stands out. If you’re unable to remove the mirror, try adding a frame to add more drama.
  4. GLITTER-One way for sure to add a wow factor is with glitter.  Use glitter grout in the kitchen or a glitter additive to paint for accent walls.

Sometimes rooms can feel boring and need refreshing. Use this list as a starting point if you are looking for ways to add a little life to your décor.

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As always, STAY GLAM!