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Alter and Recreate Your Own to Save

Happy Friday divas!

I am so ready for the weekend, y’all just don’t know! In today’s Frugal Friday post, I want to talk about creating new looks with very little money. There are ways to alter what you have already to enhance it, make it better, or just a completely new look.   Check out various inexpensive ways to do that below.

1. Distress your clothing. This one is virtually free if you already have scissors (or a razor). Remember this look? I’m sure this shirt was a basic Hornets shirt before adding the distressing. Rip and cut it  to your liking and then wash and dry it. Check out YouTube for tutorials on this if you don’t trust yourself, lol. Sn: I did not create this shirt.

2. Bleach or dye it.  Clothing dye costs like $5 a bottle. You can get this from Walmart, craft stores like Jo-Ann’s, amazon and other various places. You can dye an entire article of clothing to create a different look. Or, you can create designs like using bleach to create the tie dye effect. The shirt above also has some bleaching in it.

3. Add patches/letters/sayings. They sell patches at most craft stores, like Michael’s. These can also be called iron ons or appliqués. Most are less than $10 and you can create an entirely different look. They even have iron on text graphics so that you can create your own graphic t-shirt

4. Add embellishments. Another reference to the shirt above, it has a zipper in the front. If you can sew (some even stick on), then you can add things like that or glitzy type embellishments. Literally, whatever you want! Again, these things are sold at craft stores. Zippers can be like $2 and embellishments are definitely under $10 depending on the number needed. Another method is attaching grommets to create that trendy lace up look.

Have any of you all every tried any of these? I would love to see your looks! Tag us on social media so that we can see! I hope that you divas have a great weekend!

As always, STAY GLAM!