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…BUT the Gym is Good Too

Happy Monday Divas! In my last post on Friday, I gave my top 10 reasons for working out at home but I also mentioned that I do personal training at a gym. I’m currently a trainer with Total Chaos and we are located at the Ensley Recreation Center in Birmingham. I do the bootcamp classes on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s at 6pm. Here are a few reasons why I love the gym.

Faster results: Bootcamps mix body weight exercises with strength and interval training. The workouts are intense and you are constantly moving at a quick pace.  These high intensity workouts burn major calories helping you drop the pounds quicker.

Cardio + Weights: At bootcamp you do both cardio and strength training. You burn calories and torch fat with cardio and build muscle with the weights. It’s like a two for one!

Motivation: Sometimes it is hard to get motivated on your own but with personal trainers and other “bootcampers” you have accountability partners to get you through the workout.  As trainers, we push you to your max potential. You’ll hate us at the moment but you will definitely thank us when it’s over.

Variety – During bootcamp sessions I try to switch it up as often as possible. That way you get a variety of workouts and get to workout different muscles.

Working out at home is good especially if you are on a budget but you can get maximum results at a bootcamp because you workout at your highest potential. Have any of you tried bootcamp before? How was it? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re interested in giving bootcamp a try and joining Total Chaos, come check us out. It’s a pretty wild workout but the results you get will be well worth it. 😉

Have an awesome day and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!