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Five Must Haves for Your Home in Your 30s

Hi Divas! This is the year of  the big 3-0 for most of my friends and I, and we’ve been celebrating it big from big trips to fabulous girls’ nights, we’ve truly been having a ball.  But once you think about it, 30 is the year of new beginnings and a real sense of adultness.  Not only should this new found sense of adultness reflect in your day to day life, but it should also show in your home. So in today’s #TastyTuesday post, I’ll be sharing with you five things, in no particular order, that every 30-something should have in their home.

  1. Art. Whether it’s a piece that you’ve created yourself or you decided to splurge on a masterpiece, you should have some sort of art in your home.
  2. Towels. Seems simple, but if you live alone, you probably wouldn’t think to have extra towels in your linen closet. But the key here is to have a set of quality towels, some that are thick and actually match.
  3. Mattress. Ok, I ‘ll be the first to admit that my fresh new 30 year old bones and muscles appreciate my memory foam mattress a whole lot more these days, lol. No, but seriously, if you haven’t already, it’s time to purchase a quality mattress for your bed now.
  4. Candles. At this point you should know what you want your home to smell like.  Currently, my favorite candle is White Sand Beaches from Bath & Body Works.  I just love how crisp and fresh it smells. I have the scent in both candles an Wallflowers throughout my place.
  5. Dishware. If you haven’t already, it is time to purchase a set of quality dishware. I mean paper plates are fine when it’s just you, but you don’t want to serve them to your guests. Also, while you’re at it, add a set of glasses as well.

Well, there you have it, I think these are the key things that you’ll need in your home to start your 30s off right. Granted there are a few things that can be added or removed to suit your taste, but this is a great list to get started with.

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Until next time, STAY GLAM!