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Get Over That Plateau

Happy Monday Divas! Do you feel like you have been working your butt off and you are not seeing results like you did in the beginning? It could possibly be that you’ve hit a plateau. You’re not the only one this has happened to and luckily there are ways around it. Below are some tips to blast through that plateau and reach your maximum weight loss goals.

Adjust your calorie intake.

Switch up your routine.

Lift heavier.


Track your steps.

Also, don’t get too caught up on the scale. Make sure you are measuring in other ways. Take your measurements and use your clothes to track the changes in your body. Don’t get discouraged because plateaus are very common. You should remember that the more weight you lose, the more weight loss slows and losing weight becomes harder the closer you get to your ideal weight. So try the above tips to see if they help pull you out of that rut. Do everything but quit because every little bit helps.

Stay encouraged divas and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!