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It’s Spring, So What?

Hey divas!

So, it’s Spring annnnndddd I’m not quite ready.  For me, it takes a little while for me to get in the whole swing of bright and pastel colors in this warm, then cool, then rainy and cold weather, lol. For instance, this morning it’s in the mid-40s and later it warms up to the mid-60s.    I know it’s about layers and blah, blah but it still takes some adjusting. Today’s post is my “I’m going to wear what makes me happy and I don’t care what season it is” outfit. The sweater features a bold, bright tribal print that I love.  I layered this over a skimpy tank so I wouldn’t get too warm and I paired it with fringe ankle booties….. because I like them and I know they will have to go away soon! Well, here’s the look.

Outfit details: Tribal printed sweater- Ross, Jeans- Charlotte Russe, Fringe Booties- A’Gaci, Cross-body Bag- Nordstrom Rack

Do you all have a hard time transitioning right into Spring as soon as it hits like I do? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! Anywho, expect some typical Spring looks soon!

As always, STAY GLAM divas!