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Outdated Décor Trends

Hey gals!

It’s #WildnOutWednesday and to help you get over that midweek stump, I am going to share with you five décor trends that are overrated and outdated.  I know that sometimes we get used to things looking a certain way, but sometimes we just have to let go and move on.  So read on to see if it’s time for you to make that move.

  • Brass anything…It’s time to let go of brass fixtures and lamps and any other brass options that you have in your home. Opt for gold, bronze, or chrome finishes instead. Check out this previous post on mixing metals here.
  • Vertical blinds…They are extremely irritating and easy to break, so switching from vertical blinds to curtains that boasts todays trendy colors shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Fake fruit…I mean we are all trying to get or stay fit right? Well why bother keeping fake fruit around to collect dust when you can use real fruit. Not only does it give a cleaner, more polished look, but you’ll also have a healthy snack on hand too.
  • Live, Laugh, Love anything…It’s time to do more than just live, laugh, and love. Switch those sayings out for modern artwork and other accents.
  • Print overhaul…Always use prints in moderation. If you’re going to have a chevron wall, try to keep additional prints to a minimum, let the primary color take the lead here.

Do you agree that these are décor no-nos? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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Until next time, STAY GLAM!