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Tasty Tuesday Talk: Colored Hair and Fashion

Hey divas!

In today’s Tasty Tuesday post, I want to talk about hair as it relates to your outfit. How do you feel about colored hair? Let’s say you have red hair like our girl Rih Rih or blue hair like Katy Perry, does this have an impact on what you wear? I’ve never had any extreme colors in my hair, but it’s something that I’ve always wondered. Nothing is wrong with colored hair, but does it alter your entire look aesthetically? Is it tasteful in appearance? Do you match your outfits to it (I would probably try to)? Just wanted your thoughts on this. Check out some celebrity looks below.  They have a wide variety of colors and various fashion styles.

Let’s talk about it in the comments below. I’m very interested in you alls thoughts because this isn’t my ministry, LOL! I don’t know the answer if it’s not a “neutral” color. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

As always, STAY GLAM!