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Training with Tires

Hey Divas! Do you know what tires are made for? Oh, you thought it was just for cars? Nah. Today for #TransformThursday we’re going to talk about using a tire as your own workout equipment. I’m sure you all have seen people flipping those huge tires before when working out. Well I’m talking about the same ones and you can do much more than flip it.

Tires are used by athletes and body builders for strength training, and crossfit gyms and bootcamps use tires for the same purpose. Below is some quick information on training with tires.

Why workout with a tire?

  • Offers variations to different exercises and workouts
  • Allows you to switch up your regular routine
  • Great for strength training
  • Adds an extra challenge
  • Increases power and improves conditioning

What can you do on a tire? 

  • You can work your thighs, butt, arms, shoulders, abs…basically you can get a full body workout

Where can I get one?

  • You can get one at your local shop or at a junkyard for pretty much nothing
  • Companies that use heavy equipment may have scrap tires that you can get for free as well
  • You can join a gym that uses them. Like us! Total Chaos at the Ensley Rec if you want to check us out 🙂

How big should it be?

  • For women it is recommended to use one 100-300 lbs depending on your strength
  • Look for the old truck or tractor tires

Now did you ever think about transforming a tire into workout equipment? You can do squats, step ups, push ups, mountain climbers and so much more using a tire. Stay tuned! I’ll be back to show you all some of these exercises!

Have an awesome day Divas and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!