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Trend Talk: Embroidered Pieces

Hey divas!

I am back today with another Trend Talk post. Often times, the trends come and go. And most times, we either hate them or love them. We often question whether or not the style is here to stay, whether it’s tasteful or not, should we hop on the bandwagon, etc. Today’s Trend Talk is about the embroidery patch trend. I have seen literally EVERYTHING with patches on them (i.e. skirts, shirts, purses, jeans, jackets, shoes, etc). Most recently, I have seen mostly floral embroidery. But, I have seen other styles as well. I am talking low end all the way to high end brands such as Gucci.

Some patches add edge and spunk, while others just make the piece look old and grandma-ish, LOL! Check out some trendy pieces below so that you can see what I am talking about.

Gucci Purse

F21 Jeans

NYandCO Denim Shirt

Zara Skirt

Missguided Faux Leather Jacket

Lulus Booties

Have you all hopped on this trend yet? I find some pieces to be cute and different like the faux leather jacket and maybe a statement bag, but I haven’t purchased anything yet. I don’t think this trend will be around long. However, if you are anxious to try it, you can consider DIY’ing some patches on some old clothing to get the same look.

Let’s talk about this trend in the comments below. Is it a trend that you are digging? Is it tasteful in your opinion or just too dated? Cant wait to hear from you divas!

As always, STAY GLAM!