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EOTD: Around the World Lunges *VIDEO INSIDE*

Happy Friday Divas! Today for Frugal Friday I am bringing another Exercise of the Day (EOTD). Now if you follow the blog you know that I am always trying to work on my thighs because I wish they would get smaller already lol. Well my EOTD is perfect for working the thighs. I call the exercise around the world lunges because you go around in almost a circle doing lunges. First you lunge front, then side, then back, and end with a curtsy. You don’t need anything to do this exercise unless you want to do one of the variations which requires a set of dumbbells.

Below is a video on how to do each one.

I also added a couple of variances to the basic lunges, one is a stability challenge and the other is a resistance challenge. This is a great leg workout so if you want to add it to leg day go right ahead! I prefer to do squats to work my legs because lunges are not my fave but they work so I do them.

What do you think about these lunges? Are you going to give them a try?

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! And of course don’t forget to get GLAMfit!