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Make Your Workouts Fun

Hey Divas and happy Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. So that I don’t interrupt it too much I’m going to keep it quick and simple with today’s post. So we know that working out can be hard for some people and it’s not enjoyable to them. This stops them from doing it at all. Well below are some simple tips to make a workout more enjoyable and still burn calories.


Classes can be way better than working out on your own and there are many different ones to choose from so pick one that is close to what you like to do or what you’re interested in. That way you are more into it. Example classes are zumba (or any type of dance class), spin class, yoga, and kickboxing.


I’ve mentioned this several times in previous posts but get you a fun buddy to workout with. Someone that is serious about working out but knows how to have fun. Challenge each other and even have friendly competitions. It’ll keep you motivated.


A really good playlist can take your mind off of the fact that you are working out (at least this works for me). So set a playlist with your fave songs, the ones that get you amped and keep them rolling. Try to do exercises to a full song and then move to the next one.


They are exercises that you can do that actually more relaxing than hard. Go biking through your neighborhood or at a park and feel the breeze. Or go on a hike with beautiful scenery and walk at your own pace. Do some stretches out in your yard. Hit the park. As long as you’re moving, you’re working.

The more you enjoy something, the more you are going to do it. Everybody does not enjoy working out but if you find a way to do it and not really think about the fact that you are working out you will get through it. So choose to do things that are pleasurable to you so that you will more than likely stick with it.

What are some fun things you all do to keep your workouts fun? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an awesome day Divas and don’t forget to get GLAMfit!