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Maximizing Your Décor Budget

Top of the week Divas! How important are budgets to you?  Well regardless of if you have the means to have a $10,000 home makeover or a just  few hundred dollars to spare, having a budget is very important.  Decorating on a budget isn’t about being cheap, it’s about being smart. Read forward for tips on how to maximize your décor budget.

MAKE A WISHLIST-Pretend that money is not a option, jot down everything your heart desire. Be sure to be very specific and go in to detail.  This will give you an idea of what you really want and a good idea of how much certain items costs, which leads to the next tip.

DETERMINE YOUR ACTUAL BUDGET- Be honest about what you can afford.  Review your income to determine what your actual  budget should be.  If the funds aren’t currently there, create a savings plan to cover your décor budget.  Be sure to leave cushion for impulse buys, delivery charges, and other surprise fees.

DO YOUR RESEARCH- Familiarize yourself with different price tags.  Go to stores and search the internet to get an idea of how much the items on your wishlist will cost.  Also, if it gets down to it, find out what you can DIY and if you can’t DIY it, maybe find someone who can.

Take all of this in mind when creating a home décor budget.  I watch a lot of shows on HGTV where budgets hit the ceiling.  I don’t want this for my Divas, so keep these tips in mind when starting your next project.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

As always, STAY GLAM!

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