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Maximize Your Luggage Space

Happy Monday divas!

If any of you all travel as much as I do (or even a just a little bit), then you all may despise packing.  You wish that you could just snap your fingers and be there (with everything that you need already there), right? LOL! Anywho, today’s Maximize Monday post is about maximizing your time by using a few packing tips. These tips should help save you time and effort.

1. Use suit separates. I love separates because it allows you to mix and match with ease. For my four day work week, I need four outfits. Four complete suits and coordinating shirts can get real bulky in my luggage. So, to maximize the space in my bag, I bring two suits (different colors). For two of the days, I wear the whole matching suit. On the other two days, I bring a dress to wear with one of the blazers from the suit. And for the other day, I bring a blouse that pairs well with one of the suit bottoms. If need be, I also mix the suits and wear a blazer from one and the pants from the other.

Leisure travel: You can bring jeans that match with several shirts or a jacket that you can rewear with dresses, jeans, or whatever.

2. Create outfits around a single pair of shoes. Like I stated above, I need four outfits. For each week, I pick a color scheme and all of my outfits coordinate around that color. As such, I take one pair of work shoes for that week to match with each look. I also take a pair of sneakers for walking in the airport and working out. This saves me from packing multiple pairs of shoes to wear to work. Shoes are heavy and can definitely weigh your bag down and take up space.

Leisure Travel: You can take one pair of heels to match with all of your going out outfits and a pair of sandals/flats/sneakers to match with multiple looks to refrain taking ALL of your shoes.

3. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This makes your clothes more compact.  More things can fit into your bag this way.

Leisure Travel: This same tip can apply for leisure travel as well.

4. Create a travel toiletry bag. I buy travel/smaller versions of everything. If there is no smaller/travel sized version, I just buy a duplicate. I put all of this stuff into one little toiletry bag and I leave it in my travel luggage. I used to spend so much time packing up all of my things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, makeup wipes, lotion etc. I would bring my big bottles too. This takes up space and weight in your bag and when you return, you have to waste time putting it all back in its rightful place. With the toiletry bag, you don’t have to take anything out until it’s used up. So, convenient to just throw the whole bag in and out of your luggage. Get this super cute one for $13 here.

Leisure Travel: This same tip can apply for leisure travel as well.

Would you all like to see how I pack my carry-on bag? Let me know in the comments below and I can do a video on it! I hope that you all are having a great start to the week!

Until Thursday, STAY GLAM!