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Recipe for Designing Your Home

Hi Divas! Having a great week so far? So far, so good here.  It’s #TastyTuesday and today I’ll be giving you all the recipe for great home design.  There are several elements needed to create the perfect look for your home, in other words, there are levels to this, lol! Lame? Ok…I tried, anywho, read forward to get the perfect recipe for your home décor.

2 Cups of Color-Color is key, modern design is typically offset by neutral colors. Use colors such as grey, brown, taupe, cream or white for your walls so that you can spice up the room with bold colors in your décor. This can also be reversed, use bold colors on walls to allow room for neutral décor.

1/2 Cup of Metal Accents-Metals like stainless steel, gold and chrome are very popular in design because they provide a sleek finish and clean look.  For home accents consider using metal for furniture pieces, lamps, shelves and artwork to help keep the style consistent from room to room.

1 Tablespoon of Texture-Accents like fabric window dressings , furniture upholstery, over-stuffed pillows, and area rugs are a great way to offset the clean, smooth lines of the metal accents. This provides dimension to the any room.

A Hint of Wood Tones-Ways to incorporate wood into your home is to use large wooden consoles, shelves, picture frames, end tables and floors.

Lighting as Needed-Lighting is very important in designing your home, simply because it is key to illuminating the room’s design.  Use light fixtures that specifically suits each room.  For example, you wouldn’t use bedroom lighting for your kitchen, so be sure to be specific in lighting your home.

This is my recipe for home design. As with any recipe, make it your home. Add a little or remove a lot, it’s totally up to you.  What key elements would you add or remove? Leave a comment below to share.

Until next time, STAY GLAM!