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Serving Tray Makeover

Happy Friday Eve Divas! As the title suggests, today’s #TransformThursday post is about how I transformed a tray that I made for Breast Cancer Awareness a couple of years ago to a beautiful accent tray for my coffee table.

Here is what the tray looked like before:

I spray painted the tray silver and added a few accents to make the tray pop. See how it came out below:


I used Rust-Oleum Silver Metallic Spray paint and it is very true to it’s name.  The picture does not do it any justice. The color is very bright and vibrant and reflects off of any light just as any metallic tray would.  I purchased most of the items on the tray from Wal-Mart all for under $10 each and I think it all tie in together to yield the perfect result. You may remember this  from a post that I did a few days ago showing a quick way to make fake water for artificial plants, I just wanted to show you all the original state of the tray and how a little spray paint goes a long way!

What do you think?  Did it come out well? Let me know in the comments below!

As always…STAY GLAM!