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Why Fitness?

Top of the week divas! Let’s get this Monday started with reasons why you should maximize your fitness level. So many benefits to deciding to get fit and healthy and people have different reasons for doing so. Below are 5 reasons that I think you should make the decision today.

good health

1. Good health. Fitness is simply being physically fit and healthy, mainly from exercise and proper nutrition. Regular physical activity alongside a good diet helps prevents a lot of health diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, and depression.

2. Look good. Being physically fit does not mean you have to be skinny. I have curves and I love my body! You can have a round, firm booty, a flat stomach, and nice lean muscles all at the same time. Exercise and proper nutrition can also give you healthier skin and hair. You’ll walk pass the mirror like, “gosh I look good!”.

feel good

3. Feel good. Exercise gives you energy and makes you feel happy. Studies show that exercise is a great stress reliever because of hormones released while working out so it is a great pick-me-upper. You may not feel it while you are actually moving but when it’s over, you’re a happy camper lol!


4. Sleep better. If you work out during the day you have a good chance of sleeping longer and deeper at night. You’ll be able to fall asleep quicker. If you workout in the evening just make sure it is not close to bedtime because you may still feel energized.

confidence booster

5. Confidence booster. When you are fit, you will be surprised at the things your body can do. It’s a good feeling to see the progression from when you first started. You will definitely feel like you can do anything. And of course when you look good your confidence is definitely boosted by 10! 🙂

When you start seeing the results of your hard work you will definitely fall in love with fitness. Are these some convincing reasons to get fit? Why did you decide to get fit? Let’s discuss below.

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